Adding InfraRed IR Control to a Hero 4 Black camera.

This is a follow on to my previous project to switch on the hero 4 remotely

GoPro Hero4 Auto Power On Project

The same circuit is used,  one unused pin was available which is now used to read infra red signals from a IR receiver attached to the same PCB.

Microprocessor board with side facing IR Receiver on the right

Using IR has several advantages over other methods.

  • IR receivers are small and use very little power compared to wireless
  • Interfacing to a microprocessor is very simple
  • The sending transmitter placement is not so critical
  • The sending transmitter can interface to many transmission systems (RS232, RS485, RF.)
  • No RF issues such as range, channel selection, interference.

Several changes to the Auto-On circuit have been made:

  • The microprocessor now uses the Low voltage version, the PIC12LF1822
  • The board now uses the GoPro 3V regulated supply rather then the unregulated 3.4-3.7V supply
  • The IR Receiver now uses the Interrupt input RA2 previously used for Shutter.
  • The PCB is slightly trimmed to fit the IR Receiver and two pad layouts changed.
  • The Green LED now uses a surface mount type side mounted.

A short video of the operation of the GoPro under IR control is here

GoPro Hero 4 with Infra Red Remote Control

Other info:
The 10-pin USB connector with resistor is available from for $4.99 plus postage.

I use PIC WIZ-C development software from Forest Electronics at which includes the IR RC5 library and many more.


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